guest projects' 10 year AnNIVERSARY!

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From Friday 25th - Sunday 27th May, Guest Projects will be celebrating its 10th anniversary!

To mark this very special occasion, we are holding a weekend of performance, theatre, music and interactive workshops, all hosted by past residents of Guest Projects.

Guest Projects is an initiative that was conceived by Yinka Shonibare MBE in 2008, which offers the opportunity for early career artists and practitioners of any artistic discipline to have free access to a project space for one month, to host exhibitions, events and workshops. Guest Projects provides an alternative universe and playground for artists and curators, encouraging them to collaborate and create new experimental works in a space where they can fail; It is a laboratory of ideas and a testing ground for new thoughts and actions.

Each year Guest Projects hosts up to six artist residency groups and also offers a Talks and Events programme in which groups can apply to use the space for up to three days for book and magazine launches, workshops, presentations and symposiums. At Guest Projects we also host a bi-monthly supper club entitled The Artist Dining Room, which collaborates with London-based chefs to hold a series of unique and bespoke artist-led supper clubs, offering an alternative dining experience where creative minds can engage and immerse themselves in the life and works of an artist through food.



Friday 25th May: OPENING PARTY, 7pm - 12.30am

Curators Linda Rocco and Cairo Clarke are collaborating to host our opening event on Friday 25th of May, with a series of artistic interventions, all performed by past and returning residents of the space, to celebrate Guest Projects' history and its oeuvre of multi-disciplinary artist projects.

Performances by: TangleDoug FishboneIlona SagarLarry AchiampongSuzannah PettigrewHarriet Middleton-Baker, Raju Rage, and Zinzi Minott.

Music and Sounds with DJ AJ Kwame aka Peter Adjaye (Music for Architecture):
 9pm - 12 am
Instagram / Facebook: @music4architecture

18+ / Bar - Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages will be available to purchase on site.



          Saturday 26th May: Open to the public, 10am - 11pm

10am - 2pm: Open School East

Open School East are hosting a workshop that draws on the local space surrounding Regent's Canal, exploring movement and journeys. They will investigate the way in which humans move and how we navigate space: pathways and waterways. This workshop has been inspired by a walk they took from Margate, that mapped the ancient trackways between Kent and London. The documentation from that walk will be presented to demonstrate how we build worlds and whether ancient relics, stories and mythology can still be useful today.
During the event, OSE will use collected material from the walk to inform the workshops activities. A Roman mile is 1,000 paces and a milestone was set up to mark each mile. Each milestone had a dedication to the Emperor of the day. OSE will transform terminology from Roman mapping methods to explore infrastructure and journeys. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in building relics and milestones. The event will be structured around a performative text connected to the excursion. 

Open School East is a space for artist learning that is free, experimental, collaborative, and brings together diverse voices. They provide tuition and studio space to emerging artists, run learning activities for young people and adults, commission artists to develop participatory projects, and produce and host cultural events and social activities, that are always free to attend.

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2pm - 6pm: AltMFA with The Future

To celebrate their busy year leading 'The Future' programme, AltMFA invite you to join them for an afternoon series of short moments at Guest Projects. Through discussion, food making and conversations they will explore communal ways of instigating future modes of collective learning and being.


2pm: Open Lunch with alternative art school members.

4pm – 5pm: Clay Workshop with Anousha Payne focusing on investigations of unseen, incidental images and imagined objects. Make sculpture towards a collaborative installation.

5pm – 6pm: Teatime and Art School Recruitment – come and have a cup of tea, ask questions and share suggestions for alternative pedagogy sessions!

AltMFA is an alternative ‘Master of Fine Art’ course established by artists for artists, as a free alternative to studying a university-based MA in London. The course has no fixed premises; the programme takes place in a range of private and public venues. AltMFA incorporates the most desirable elements of an MFA course; space to work, collaborators to argue with, a social sphere to move within. Unlike a conventional MFA, AltMFA is a common space in which there are no fees; time and facilities are all offered in kind.

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6pm - 11pm: School of The Damned with Being in the body

Being in the Body - Natasha Cox and Renata Minoldo on behalf of School of The Damned.

Being in the Body plays out within a temporary assembled environment that borrows from communal spaces intrinsically linked to the tactile, it sits somewhere between a ‘wellbeing’ studio and late night club. Essentially places where one attempts to reach another level of understanding through the body.

What is the potential of these environments and their capacity to momentarily alter structures and assumptions that feed into and dictate our everyday lives? How can they allow people from different circumstances or situation to interact more openly?

The spatial design uses projection, transitional furniture, functional sound and light to encouraging the idea of group participation and to enhance and facilitate explorations of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. We are interested in what happens when a group of people come together through a number of activities including guided meditation, free movement and sensorial exercises within this crafted environment. 

There will be two phases, a phase of intimacy and a phase of opening. Starting with a smaller group the event and environment will then open up and adapt becoming a place where people can gather to further explore these ideas of friendship and collaboration by dancing together using free movement and music.

We aim to explore this liminal space between the awakening of the internal voice, or ‘the voices of our invisible selves’ and the awakening, through movement of the physical body, the fundamental meeting point between our practices and collaborative research.


School of the Damned is a Masters of Fine Art course
unaccredited and free of location or fees
regardless of age or race or ability or gender
regardless of persuasion or location or opposition
School of the Damned wants education for all

School of the Damned is an art school
School of the Damned is a traditional art school
School of the Damned is a traditional alternative art school
School of the Damned is an alternative to the traditional alternative art school

School of the Damned is not the ultimate opposite
School of the Damned is a singular potential solution
School of the Damned aims to be as accessible as possible
and has a zero tolerance policy towards bigotry or harassment of any kind



Phase I: From the Inside to the Outside 18.30 - 20.00

Limited spaces available, please RSVP to event through Eventbrite here


Phase II: Bodies are no longer fleshy lumps of tissue and bone detached from the mind, they are portals. 

Open to all 20.00 - 23.00


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            Sunday 27th May: Open to the public, 10am - 10pm

10am - 2pm: Cassiopeia with Speaking Signs

Cassiopeia are performing Speaking Signs, which explores the things that come together in a flash to form a constellation, offering snapshots of Cassiopeia's working practice at a particular moment in time, touching on hidden histories, modular images, cryptography and more. Each time Speaking Signs is performed it mutates to become something new. Cassiopeia are Hannah Rae Alton, Irene Vidal Cal, Amy Goodwin, Anne Harild, and Catrin Morgan.

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3pm - 5pm: Laboratory of Dark Matters

Laboratory of Dark Matters invites you to an afternoon of live readings and open conversation on the unknown nature of the universe. A selection of short texts which have a relationship to the exploration of dark matter as a scientific or philosophical concept will be presented to stimulate questions and encourage shared knowledge across disciplines and perspectives. The event is designed to be informal, inclusive and accessible for all with no prior knowledge or up-front reading required. Laboratory of Dark Matters is a response by artists to scientific investigations into the mysteries of the universe. It invites everyone driven by curiosity to explore fundamental questions about matter and consciousness...

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Drop-ins on the day are also welcome!



6pm - 10pm: The Syllabus
Syllabus Mix is an evening of screenings, performance and sounds from Syllabus i, ii & iii. Including work by Chris Alton, Mira Calix, Ilker Cinarel, Faye Claridge, Phoebe DaviesFreya Dooley, Mike Harvey, E. Jackson, Tyler Mallison, Jill McKnight, Mathew Parkin, Tom Smith, Lucy Steggals, Laura Wilson, Rafal Zajko

The Syllabus is a national, alternative peer-led learning programme involving 10 selected artists annually, delivered in partnership by Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; Eastside Projects, Birmingham; New Contemporaries; S1 Artspace, Sheffield; Spike Island, Bristol; Studio Voltaire, London and Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts), London. 

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