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Salvador Dalí

Guests of our first supper club of 2015 discovered the life and work of the artist Salvador Dalí.

Our Guest Chefs Blanch & Shock created a meal which incorporated some of the whimsical surrealism Dalí was famous for, as well as making reference to the emergence of 'Modernist' and 'Techno-emotional' gastronomy in Catalonia in the last decade. This was savoured alongside the musings and performance of our Guest Host for the occasion, artist Liane Lang


Melting Bread

Scrambled Eggs with Sea Urchin and Ants

Grilled Leg and Heart of Lamb Crache-sur-Mère, Gold

'Egg' with Flavours of Whole Bee Hive, Flowers 

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Jean-Michel Basquiat
Later Event: June 10
Andy Warhol