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How do I look?

The collective GRACE, will take over Guest Projects from the 6th February, 2018 with a month of workshops, lectures and live art exploring perceptions of the ageing woman.  

ANYONE WHO IDENTIFIES AS OLDER-- AND IDENTIFIES AS A WOMAN is welcome to join us! Email: if you are interested. 

Through film screenings, talks and performances GRACE, with fellow ‘older women’, will explore ways in which middle-aged women are given/take on identities and the extent to which these reflect a personal agency.  

We will immerse ourselves and selected participants, in a series of experiences involving traditional and non-traditional fashion and make-up. 

Identity is fluid and evolving, yet, socially, ‘older woman’ is a label used all the time as if there is solidity to it. Conceptual mistakes endorse moral and economic mistakes and inequalities. This provides an urgency and centre of attention to the work to be done.

As Live Artists we feel that it is inappropriate to focus on stereotypes or a dry analysis of negative social constraints.  We therefore intend to use play and conviviality in this work, as a focus for unravelling the conflicted and the jubilant.

It is hoped that this month of research activities will provide a wealth of material, which we hope to use to produce a publication/magazine to reflect the complex issues at stake.