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A month of dance, film, participation, workshops, performances, interventions, creative conversations, screenings and happenings leading to the creation of a participatory live dance film. Local Artists and community activists, as soul restoration and last ditch lateral response to the intense gentrification of the area that lost us our local café, the west Indian fish and veg shop and finally our own homes and work spaces; inverse-propaganda against consistent denigration of the vitality and value of multi-social-culturalism and community.

I am not a Village is a danced odyssey about a woman falling in and out of Love with London during a time of intense gentrification and demonization of “immigration”; a musical for this City made famous by it’s history of trade and conquest, but made cool and magical by working class street cries fusing with the cultural gifts of exiles, refugees and migrants from every country and many villages on earth. Does the increasingly strange skyscrapered sky-line hint that a London only for the wealthy might be a modern day Tower of Babel?

How can a dance-film impact our fates?

Confirmed participants include: Lucy Thane, Seke Chimutengwende, Rebecca Bogue, Bean, Erifili Missiou, Michael Picknett, Seyi Ajeigbe, Ramon Fernandez, Jeremy Carne, Maryam Hashemi, Jenny Matthews..


Activities will include:


  • Choreography, improvisation and participation with cameras in public spaces
  • Music and Song writing workshops: based on collection of ambient sound and              interviews
  • Creation of a multi-social-cultural slow procession/ carnival
  • Psychic painting



  • Invitation to be a part of our live-dance shoots
  • Multi-screen installation of work so far and performance by core collaborators
  • Creative conversation Dinners and “Dinema” Screenings


Themes: Hackney and Cities, Art and Activism, Dance and Music

  • Sneak preview of Jenny Matthews’ portraits of Hackney people from every country on    earth
  • Global on-line party
  • Procession and participatory Carnival and multi-screen installation of residency outcomes



Weekend café hosted by local displaced business owners

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