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Crying Out Loud

In this exhibition, Catherine Anyango and Julie Hill took on the historical view of women as objects perpetually on the brink of hysteria – dripping with emotion, their bodies ready to overflow, blurring and overriding social norms. Using drawing, film, print, sound, sculpture, soap and water, their individual works together construct a mise-en-scène that explores the idea of the ‘unacceptable’ manifestations of emotional afflictions by actively playing with the emotions of the viewer.

The exhibition is both a serious and light-hearted attempt to expose a prejudice against ‘feminine’ categories of entertainment such as soap operas and chick flicks, domesticity and the presence of emotion. The approach can be summarized in the title, Crying out Loud – an expression of annoyance or anger, but also an attempt to interrogate the idea of open, unashamed emotion.