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AFRORETRO School of Uganglish

AFRORETRO is a cultural fusion fashion brand, created by British Ugandan sisters. We take the best of both our homes; London and Kampala to create unique fashion pieces that reflect our background without harming the planet or it's inhabitants. Our fashion and jewellery range uses traditional Ugandan crafting techniques and materials to UpCycle discarded British fashion to create unique desirable pieces. We love making so much that we hold workshops around London where we can share the love, our skills and help others on their creative journeys.

We grew up with sweet potato topping our cottage pie and fried cassava accompanying our battered cod. We are a product of the mash up of two strong cultural influences nurtured and natured. At The AFRORETRO School of Uganglish we will explore our cultural mash-up, give you an exclusive invitation to dip into our version of Ugandan-ness and invite you to share your own cultural mash-ups. Everyone and their complex cultural make-up is welcome.

Through the project at Guest Projects we recreated the cultural clashes and partnerships that we have experienced in our own personal journeys with other artists. Explore what it is to be part of the 1st generation Ugandan Diaspora living in England.

The Core Subjects

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