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On Landscape # 1

On Landscape # 1, the first of a series of exhibitions based on conversations between artists Minna Kantonen, Dafna Talmor and Emma Wieslander aims to challenge traditional representations of landscape. The exhibition at Guest Projects featured photographic work by the three artists and a site-specific installation by invited artist Minna Pöllänen.

A central element of the exhibition consists of an open call for self-published, handmade or short run books relating to the exhibition framework. The publications, on display throughout the exhibition, aim to provide a platform for wider debates around landscape whilst presenting an opportunity for a wide range of practitioners to showcase their work.

Urban Vistas by Minna Kantonen is a document and inquiry of how, distanced from nature, our experiences in large cities are largely based on the landscape of constructed environments. The body of work investigates the role of nature in our society and culture, nature as amenity.

Constructed Landscapes by Dafna Talmor consists of staged landscapes made of collaged and montaged colour negatives initially taken as mere keepsakes across different locations. Transformed through the act of slicing and splicing, the resulting photographs create a space that defies specificity, refers to the transient and metaphorically blurs place, memory and time.

Wish You Were Here by Emma Wieslander builds upon the idea of a faltering illusion. Two parallel sunsets within each image, create a space where the real and the constructed collide. This duality attempts to reflect the spatial experience of the actual moment, enabling the possibility to transport or extend that same space into a space of desire or longing.

For On Landscape #1 Minna Pöllänen is building an indoor landscape-viewing platform shown in conjunction with photographic work from the series Nature Trail. Together the works question ways of looking and how landscape is valued whilst investigating the relationship between photography and site-specificity.

The exhibition aims to engage with landscape in its widest sense by inviting theoreticians and practitioners working in the field of landscape to contribute to the show through a series of free events. These will include an artists talk chaired by Photomonitor editor Christiane Monarchi, a panel discussion chaired by Lucy Soutter with Martin Barnes, Miranda Gavin and Sue Steward, a vernacular Sightseeing Tour led by artist Minna Pöllänen and walking crits led by the participating artists.


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