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What is an African artist? Am I an African artist? What am I if I’m not?

The aim of this residency was to create a discursive space where participants are able to freely address the complexities concerning art practice within the African diaspora - as individuals and collectively. We share the need to open up discussion concerning art practice while acknowledging the fact that the notion of 'Africa' and therefore African art and artists signify and demand different things to and from different people. We welcome and want to engage with these tensions in order to inform and challenge our work. During the two week residency they brought together an array of cultural practitioners to engage in dialogue with focus on the African diaspora artistically, politically and socially at this particular moment and how to do so productively.

Questions we hope to discuss as part of the residency……...

Is there a need for a space such as VIA to be created?

Is it possible to develop new methodologies in relation to our individual and creative practices as a result of engaging with these questions?

What does it mean to make work about the people, the politics and memories of?

How can we articulate conditions of race and class relations in the geographic locations and moments we are in and are connected to?

Participants: Chenaye Du Plessis, Mayfly88 (Artists), Thandi Mbire, Tamar Hemmes (Curators) Collaborators: Novuyo Moyo, Tandazani Dhlakama, Robert Ashford


Earlier Event: March 6
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