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Alt MFA and Friends International Jamboree

Throughout May 2015 London’s original peer-led MA course alt MFA hosted a jamboree of education, events and exhibitions in collaboration with many collectives and institutions that they have an affinity with. While sharing space, peer-led critique, and resources, alt MFA transformed Guest Projects into a DIY university, studio and evolving show, enlivened by a daily programme of events and gatherings.

About: alt MFA is an alternative Master of Fine Art course established in 2010 by artists for artists as a free alternative to studying a university-based Masters in London. Meetings take place on Monday night between 6.30pm and 9.30pm.

Members at the time of the residency: Louise Ashcroft, Neela Basu, Sadie Edginton, Eldi Dundee, Lily Johnson, Fritha Jenkins, Alex Chalmers, Rebecca Glover, George Major, James Murison, AnnaMaria Kardos, Sohrab Crews, Paula Bourke-Girgis, Natalie Sanders, Maru Rojas, Marion Tu and Gillian Duffy.

alt MFA Jamboree collaborators: BBKP, Mark McGowan, Kathryn Miller, Newton Whitelaw & Ross McNichol, Jack Brown, Charlotte Hailey-Watts, Crit Group, Lucy Thane, Dunya Kalantery, Marina Tsartsara, Jude C Montague, Peer Sessions, SAMPLES film festival, School of the Damned, members of Open School East, Crit Group, Cluster Bomb, Lucy Thane & Oriana Fox, Carla Cruz & Antonio Contador, Extra Special People (Eastside Projects) and more.

alt MFA incorporates the most desirable elements of an MFA course: space to work, collaborators to argue with, and a social sphere to move within. We squeeze into any space and adapt it to our ends. Unlike a conventional MFA, alt MFA is a common space in which there are no fees and time and facilities are all offered in kind. alt MFA is self-selecting; the only criteria for membership is attendance and the contribution of time and energy. alt MFA is non-hierarchical and self-directed; participants set the curriculum.

alt MFA constantly experiments with potential new structures for their education; their Guest Projects jamboree was an example of this.

Events included;

Screening of ‘Westmonster’ introduced by Mark McGowan

MUSICKING - ART BAND NIGHT. Featuring BBKP, Ochlocracy Orchestra, Rainham Sheds & more...

Cross-Pollination Practice (Extra Special People Members Micro-residency). Beth Kettel, Emily Warner and Meghan Allbright are artist members of Eastside Projects associate programme, Extra Special People. At various points their practice has overlapped and collaborative encounters have unfolded under the facilitation of this programme. For their alt MFA event they worked together for one day, to develop these evolving relationships, experimenting with approaches to the configuration of material, action and idea.

'On Claims of Radicality' Symposium with alt MFA, School of the Damned & Open School East. School of the Damned and Open School East join altMFA for a symposium 'On Claims of Radicality', based on the text (proposed by SOTD) On Claims of Radicality in Contemporary Art.

Night of the Long Spoons. An evening of cooperative dining where questions, anxieties, fantasies and solutions for The Future will be chewed over with strangers and friends; all for the price of a Filet-O-Fish Extra Value Meal from McDonalds. By Dunya Kalantery with Jack Dove and Toby Saunders, Hatty Ellis Coward and Matt Lenarez.

Talk by Anthropologist Eve Wilson & Artist Elly Thomas

Elly Thomas (artist) and Eve Wilson (anthropologist with a background in linguistics) talk about the relationship between their disciplines as a toolkit for artists exploring similar themes.

12HRS workshop with Kathryn Miller

12HRS are a series of participatory events which invites artists to meet, create, and discuss within one location over a day: placing value on exploring process and practice.

Reading Group on Video-Sculpture

We are pleased to invite Ami Clarke, Dunya Kalantary and Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau to select 3 texts broadly relating to the theme of video-sculpture. The group will approach and explore the topic through the texts. Texts to follow soon.

The event was part of a Collaborative Research Project on Video-Sculpture, which is supported using public funding by Arts Council England (

OPENING of an exhibition by Natalie Sanders & Rebecca Glover</strong>

Symposium on Video-Sculpture

We are pleased to invite 8 artists working with video-sculpture to discuss this aspect of their practice with us, including Verity Brit, Rebecca Glover, Alice Khalilova, Marcus Orlandi, Niamh Riordan, Natalie Sanders, others tbc. The symposium will be chaired by Dave Charlesworth.

Taking questions posed by each artist as starting points, the symposium will talk around the relationship between and combined use of video and sculpture and what it means to use these mediums, and will explore the themes and issues that may or may not be common to other practitioners working with these materials.

The event is part of a Collaborative Research Project on Video-Sculpture, which is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Lindsay Seers Artist Talk

alt MFA invited artist Lindsay Seers to give a talk on her practice with particular reference to the combination of video and sculpture in her work. The talk will be followed by a Q&A.

The talk is part of a Collaborative Research Project on Video-Sculpture, which is supported using public funding by Arts Council England. (

Eldi Dundee R&D rehearsals of 'Playful Menace'

Playful Menace is a research and development open rehearsal and performance workshop directed by artist/performer/'non-dancer' Eldi Dundee in collaboration with dancers and non-dancers, fellow artists, performers and perhaps even members of the public, who are invited to participate or simply observe if they wish. Contributing artists, dancers and performers include: Abigail Kessel, Simon Haddock, Sarah Adams and Marina Tsartsara

Marina Tsartsara - 'Autobiography in Movement' workshop

'Auto-Bio-Graphy in Movement' is a workshop led by artist Marina Tsartsara in which personal biology, body narrative, creative writing and generation of movement material culminate into brief performative self-portraits. We will work with felt anatomy, into and out of embodied writing, intertwined with production of personal movement 'writing' in space. Participants are invited to bring an object, material or clothing personal to them, that they wish to work

Ilona Sagar, Artist Talk

alt MFA invited artist Ilona Sagar to give a talk on her practice with particular reference to her work with dancers, gesture and movement. The talk will be followed by a Q&A.

The Drawing & Dancing Society

A Drawing Group in which the Models talk back, feedback, dance and draw themselves. With Lucy Thane, Ella Guru, Adam Vass and Arkem.

SAMPLES film festival

Curated by Maru Rojas & AnnaMaria Kardos

FRIANDS by Newton Whitelaw & Rross McNichol

A 12-hour total environment arranged by Rross McNicol and Newton Whitelaw, Friands will host walk-in visitors and invited friends at Guest

OPEN WEEKEND</strong>: a two-day event exploring the unlearned process as practice

Sunday is workshop day running into a performance event (with guests plus workshop participants). Monday is post-event studio day. Artists involved are able to further their collaborative networks, including an open lunch and an informal talk. Curated by Sadie Edginton.

Art for your sake' Therapeutic Arts Workshop with Charlotte CHW

A half-day workshop using a range of 2D and 3D media to explore ways in which therapeutic processes can develop creative practice.

Cut [a drift] Live Art Labs with Cluster Bomb [Collective]

A FREE Live Art Lab for performance and live artists facilitated by CLUSTER BOMB [collective] exploring the symbiotic performance exchanges between outdoor sites of Regent's Canal and the indoor gallery of Guest Projects.

'A Mother of a Project: The Pilgrimage' Lucy Thane & Oriana Fox

A workshop and pilgrimage, join Lucy and Oriana to traverse a devised route through Hackney and Tower Hamlets, proposing an alternative matriarchal mythos in a state of heightened attention.

'Floor Plans: Drawing Workshop’ with Jack Brown

A workshop about drawing, institutions, the architecture of instruction and unpicking the places we have learnt in.


Curated by Sadie Edginton with Calum F Kerr, Jude C Montague, Hysteresis (Charlotte CHW and Jason Williams) Cluster Bomb + workshop participants, Sam Reynolds, Jasmine Lee, Scarlett Lassoff, Robert Foster and Andre Neely.

Artist Talk Carla Cruz and António Contador

Gasworks and OSE International Residency Artists talk informally about their project ‘finding money’.

Crit Group

Crit Group is a monthly gathering of contemporary artists with the aim of providing a supportive platform to present work, test ideas and receive critical feedback. Guest Chair Rebecca Birch.

Crit Group is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Peer Sessions: Artist-led Crits

Peer Sessions is a non-profit crit group founded in 2009 as an educational support network for postgraduate artists, offering peer mentoring and feedback.


Louise Ashcroft's performance event Unperforming returns. Bringing together lots of artists working with liveness who want to take risks, try things out and question what it is to perform. Short performances often involving sculpture, humour, props, and narrative.

Earlier Event: April 13
Later Event: September 2
I'm Not Done