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I'm Not Done

I’m Not Done is a project instigated by conversations between Kathrin Bonnar and Cherelle Sappleton. The exhibitions and events developed from the project look curiously at the process of art making; thinking about decision making processes, identity and authorship, and ask artists to exhibit work and concepts un-resolved to themselves. Spaces are used as open and encouraging test beds for activity, exploring notions of the unresolved in its broadest sense.

I’m Not Done/2 at Guest Projects was an evolving laboratory and a work in progress itself. The installation started with works from project artists/curators Kathrin Bonnar and Cherelle Sappleton, alongside invited artists Matthew Edwards and Patricia Pisanelli.

Kathrin Bonnar continued an on-going exploration that starts from thoughts on representations of garments. The work explores notions concerned with the internal becoming external and the external becoming internal drawing on observations of, ideas about, and individual reactions to our ambivalent everyday relationship with garments.

Cherelle Sappleton was exploring ideas of 'Blackness', beauty and gender in contrast to the proliferation of the white female body presented in mainstream media. She will take inspiration from her mixed Afro-Caribbean and White European heritage, personal experience, Black Feminist issues and representations of the black female body using found footage & images, anthropological and vintage material.

Matthew Edwards was working with different identities in moving image portrait and vignette form, attempting to explore the effects of neo-liberalism.

Patricia Pisanelli was working with a project based on loose poetic themes that relate to ideas of ordering and arrangements. She started the project with an artist’s book listing over 30 undone works. The project has a central idea to create a formula and constantly break it – where elements of chance and control get subverted and confused.

The curators through an open call invited further artists and performers, to respond to the works for the duration of the residency. New pieces and performances were documented and installed in the space and then a new artist/performer was invited to respond to this installation. This again was documented/installed and so forth, creating a space where guests can visit at different stages its existence, and see a different installation each time. Compared to the game ‘Exquisite Corpse’ developed by surrealist artists, the exhibition was a constant evolving drawing in space, an individual mark becoming part of a collective, ever-changing whole.

Guest and invited artists:

Jane Frances Dunlop and Mira Loew discuss

Generosity: an open conversation on the intimacy of artistic exchange

It is time that we discuss the intimacy that our work together produces, relies on, often exploits. It is time we think about friendship – about love & intimacy – in artistic collaborations. How can we cultivate or encourage a generosity in our exchanges that undermines neoliberal individualism without taking advantage of each other?

Simply, how can we be generous with ourselves and fair with each other? How do we avoid allowing the intimacy that makes our exchanges possible to be exploitative, however kindly? Or is it inevitably? Should lines be drawn and where?

Meg Ferguson presents - I’ll have what she’s having

Behavioural Science says that when eating with friends, only the first person to order will get what they want – everyone else will order in response. During her week as guest artist in I’m Not Done, Meg Ferguson will be putting this to the test. Interested in notions of hierarchy, performativity and belonging, she’ll make work that responds to the work already in the gallery, culminating in an event on Friday 17th September.

Katarina Strasser

Katarina Strasser shared the outcomes of her work on the 24th September in a presentation that included moving image, text and performance.

Later Event: November 3
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