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9th - 30th January 2016

Thursday - Sunday 12-6pm or by appointment.

Artists; Sarah Beddington, Beth Collar, Aleksandra Domanović, Mathilde ter Heijne, Aura Satz, Maud Sulter, Niina Vatanen and Ye Funa

Secret Agent is a group exhibition composed from the viewpoint of feminist authorship in contemporary art practices. The artists in the exhibition actively challenge the institutional structure of history and patriarchal authority – and imagine alternative narratives, often through the specificity of lens-based media. Acts of image-making, archiving, or guerrilla information tactics enable visibility and challenge relationships between author and authority. Each artist utilises language and the literary in dialogue with image-making to harness the intertextual, as archival photographs and stock footage are transformed through repetition, re-staging and re-imagining. Representation of western history through both image and text, with the inherent parallels between historical and photographic truth - and the legacy of radical image/text practice in the 1970s and 1980s - are central to the development of this exhibition.

The enabling of voice(s) of authorship whereby subjectivity is activated in order to challenge the ideology of individualism and the singularity of the art historical canon and history itself, is what Janet Staiger describes as the ‘technique of the self’. This consideration of the self in relation to, and together with others, draws away from the photographic as exacerbating difference or the implicated position of a directed camera, and generates an argument for collaboration and collectivity.

The exhibition title, Secret Agent, is inspired by artist Oreet Ashery and academic Catherine Grant, who describe feminist cultural production as an ‘invisible agent’ and generative informant for ‘different kinds of subjectivity and agency under patriarchy’. Grant suggests broadening notions of what constitutes primary texts, and exploring more rigorous methods of interactional, inter-subjective, or interdisciplinary approaches to critical analysis, also for artists’ to broaden auteurial imaging.

The exhibition is a touring and evolving composition, which follows from its previous presentation at the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki to examine feminist positions of revisiting histories through lens and time based media.

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Collaboration and Authorship: A Day of Talks and Performance at Guest Projects

16 Jan 3 - 7pm.

A partnership between Hemera Collective, (play)ground-less, Space In Between and Hi Barbara that will include talks and discussions with artists, curators and academics followed by performances that reflect on collaboration and practice. Please RSVP to

3pm - tours of Secret Agent at Guest Projects and (play)ground-less at Space in Between.
3.30pm - (play)ground-less presents a performance lecture utilising working processes of the group, carried out across different zones of time and space. Looking again at methods by which to share, communicate and appropriate each other’s context; the event takes the form of a live WhatsApp stream between the four artists. Also invited by (play)ground-less, artists Mira Loew and Jane Frances Dunlop contribute to the symposium with what parts of my idea were yours. This short performance is about the act of collectively authoring and how ideas progress over the course of a collaboration. It is about shared language, traded ideas. It is about asking someone else to perform for you, about agreeing to do it. 
4.15pm – Short presentations and a discussion from academics, writers, artists, curators concerned with different elements of collaboration or collectivity within their own research and practice and includes Stevphen Shukaitis (University of Essex), Larne Abse Gogarty, Helen Kaplinsky and Patricia Kingori (University of Oxford)
6pm – Performances by Das Hund, David Blandy and Larry Achiampong and more! 

Short Films Screening: Most conscious beings lack a permanent physical form

23 Jan 2016 6-9pm

In their assemblage and individual subject matter, this collection of films is about the subject of disappearing. As a performative act to assume the identity of the other, the banishment on the accusation of being ‘too real’, or the disappearance of a web domain amongst political shifts, each film articulates the difficulties of producers who ‘speak to transform reality, and no longer to preserve it as an image’. 

Artists include Marie Yates, Pilvi Takala, Mikhail Karikis, Aleksandra Domanović, and Oreet Ashery



Wiki-edit-a-thon: Exhibition Histories

23rd Jan, 12 - 6pm

Join us and take part in a day of creating and editing histories online. We will be focusing on neglected exhibition and institutional histories, ensuring that there is greater access to information about radical, collaborative curatorial and visual art practices via the web.

Curated by Hemera Collective

Later Event: February 2
The Shape Open