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A cross-cultural residency experiment between London, UK and Montreal, Quebec that focuses on the word ‘curation’ and the implication this word could have in the context of the body and choreography.


Six choreographers, all who have influenced us as contemporary dancers, artists, and people, have been invited to share their perspectives on 'Curating the Body.'

The choreographers:

UK: Seke Chimutengwende, Florence Peake, Frauke Requardt

Montreal: Adam Kinner, Sasha Kleinplatz, Katie Ward

(With creative accompaniment from Henrietta Hale)

We have developed a process which has allowed us to work with the six choreographers’ ideas separately. We will then enter into a process of manipulating, curating, merging and fingering the material in an attempt to develop a solo piece of performance where all six ideas can exist within one body. In this case: Eve’s. Lucky lady.


When six different creators contribute to one work, working individually as part of a larger negotiated system, how does this change the work and question what collaboration can be?



The Uncollective is Eve Stainton, Michael Kitchin & Sorcha Stott-Strzala experimenting collaboratively with movement, choreography, and performance. Our practice is driven by collaboration and working with cross disciplinary methods in order to challenge the expectations of performance. We aim to develop a space where our work and collaborations can coexist; somewhere to experiment with curation, roles and medium. Our process often involves attempting to undo a prescribed aesthetic to rebuild it again in a newly functioning, often ironic way.

The importance of maintaining cross-cultural artistic connections has been at the forefront of our interests since our five-month research period in Montreal, Canada. Our experience provoked a conversation about the commonalities and distinct variations in choreographic culture between Montreal and London, and we are interested in how they could inform and challenge one another.

For Nolo: Curating the Body, we are focussing on curation which became an integral part of our practice, discoveries and discussion in Montreal. We think this word could bring connotations of precision, of sculpting with refinement. We’re also questioning if performance work could be enriched by employing curation; it could affirm a focus on astute decision making, increased awareness, tact and authorship

This project aims to expand upon the term and begin to understand its use within performance, but at the same time we may also want to toss it aside. Toss.

Guest Projects will be taking part in this years Art Licks Weekend, showcasing The Uncollective with Nolo: Curating the Body.