The Artist Dining Room I Faith Ringgold

Ringgold Tar Beach #2_digital.jpg
Ringgold Tar Beach #2_digital.jpg

The Artist Dining Room I Faith Ringgold


Friday 18th October 2019, 7pm - 11:00pm

Tickets £50 per person, includes multiple courses and performances. Please BYOB

On Friday 18th October, The Artists Dining Room at Guest Projects invites you to an unforgettable evening, exploring the extraordinary works and quilts by the American Artist Faith Ringgold.

Faith Ringgold is a recognized painter, writer, sculptor, performance artist and is best known for her narrative quilts.

For this unique occasion, Faith Ringgold’s long-time friend and gallerist from American Contemporary Art Gallery (ACA) gallery, Dorian Bergen, chef Karl Gritton and Set Designers Ibrahim Cissé and Imann Gaye will collaborate to create a personal dinner event close to Faiths works. 

Dorian will introduce Faith and the wonders of her work, while Karl will express the atmosphere of Harlem through a personalised dinner menu, and Imann and Ibrahim will organise performances of Faiths songs and interact with the novelty of Faiths creations. 

For this supper club you are invited to step into the settings of one of Faith’s most famous quilts Tar Beach.  Faith created this “story quilt,” both an artist and author. It tells the story of Cassie Louise Lightfoot, the protagonist in Ringgold’s children’s book, Tar Beach. Several parts of the story are included in the quilt, on the tar roof (“tar beach”) of their apartment building in New York City.

Faith Ringgold took inspiration from her own childhood in Harlem. Much of her art explores social and political themes and features powerful women, especially African American women. For example, Cassie’s ability to fly gives her freedom and power to achieve anything she sets her mind to.  “All you need is somewhere to go you can’t get to any other way. The next thing you know, you’re flying among the stars.”


Cornbread [served with a dab of honey butter]
Watermelon slices

Entrée (Choose between):
Fried Chicken [Fat daddy’s Signature “Bookoo” crust fired chicken]


Vegan Jambalaya [A Cajun mixture of rice, tomatoes, peppers and beans]


Fat Mac [Fat Daddy’s signature 4 cheese macaroni and cheese]
Candied Yams [sweet potato casserole]
Garlic Green Beans [steamed fresh green beans sautéed in garlic and butter topped with toasted almonds]


Sweet Potato Pie

Host: Dorian Bergen
Chef: Karl Gritton
Organiser and Set Designer: Ibrahim Cissé and Imann Gaye

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