LOST SENSES is a living space for encounters, open every day to everyone. Revisiting the exhibition as format and exploring the gallery space as a fluid cultural site, artists and practitioners will work in close relation with people reorganising the self’s relation to perception. The purpose is to create new collective experiences and ways to actively participate in everyday life. The notion of direct material experience in modernity has fallen into a semantic crisis, which does not leave enough space for live moments of embodiment. 

LOST SENSES will be structured around a one-month intense campus aimed to experience and enjoy senses, remembering that embodiment is not just textual but consumed by a world filled with smells, textures, sights, sounds and tastes. Generating a re-opening of senses exploring otherness, lost and participation, everyday life will be critically tested as a never static reality made of bodies, time and experiences. Mainly working as a hub for thinkers and a space for reverie, LOST SENSES will promote daily live experiences to engage diverse audiences through meaningful inter(actions), opening up reflections on a wider scale through processes of documentation and mediation. 

LOST SENSES wants to produce dynamic explorations among artists approaching a mixed-age public, from children to the elderly, using senses as universal medium of communication. Experimental days will be devoted to immersive sound and dance performances, as well as family raves conceived by artists as a participatory live action, food rendez-vous, cyberformances and research into natural forces as opposite to the constraints of the gallery space. The campus will use Live art to explore the now: a way to reorganise, open and reshape senses, generating reflections on our own identities, our community and beyond. 

Participants include: JoDI, Lawrence Lek, JocJonJosch, Oreet Ashery, Laura Wilson, Harold Offeh, Sharon Gal, Kate Genevieve, Diana Policarpo, Rhine Bernardino, Eliza Soroga, Thomas Stankiewicz, Finn Thomson, Nora Silva, Paloma Proudfoot, Bea Bonafini, Nataliya Chernakova, Charles Michel, Luca Bosani, Chung Hyon Kim, Isabel Blanco Fernandez and more. 

Curated by Linda Rocco


September 11