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Mint Works: GHOST

Mint Works is hosting a month programme of events and exhibitions that investigate different perspectives to re-evaluate the positions of Guest and Host, and challenge our common perceptions of them, exploring how we offer ourselves or receive the other, from the intimate to the public realm.

Taking Jan Verwoert’s text « Gathering People Like Thoughts» as a starting point, ‘Ghost’ will be an experimental curatorial project that will summon critical engagement, playful making, material investigation and collective activity in order to look into the relationship between Guest and Host.

The first two weeks will be a varied programme of talks, events, parties, performances and more. ‘Mint Works will host artists from its network, researchers and philosophers and use the space as a creative gathering ground. 

Various theoretical and practical questions will be explored; how do we embody the different roles of guest and host? Do these roles result in a separation or can they create the opportunity to truly see and receive ‘the other’ ? To what extent are we welcomed and do we welcome others?  What level of culturally imposed or self-imposed censorship exists between these positions? 

The following guests will be invited during the first two weeks:
Hana Tefrati (Artist : performance )
Sophia Satchell-Baeza ( Writer and performer : screening and talk )
Cathy Wilcock ( Postdoctoral researcher : workshop )
Rowan Markson (Artist : performance )
Dr. Meryem Sebti ( Doctor in Philosophy and senior researcher : Talk )
Tais Bean and Florence Devereux ( Artists : interactive performance )
Madison Moore ( artist, cultural critique, DJ : Workshop and DJ set )
Nelly Snow ( Writer : Workshop )
Halea Kala ( filmmaker, curator and activist : Talk )

During the last two weeks of its residency, Mint Works will commission a group of emerging and young artists from Europe and North Africa. The show will invite the audience to consider the liminal position of inhabiting, as guest or as host. How do we invite ourselves into making work and investing in a space? We can speak of inhabiting a space, as a body or via objects, we can capture atmospheres, the traces of a space that we interact with. How is this relationship articulated and how does it evolve? Is a space a territory or a host? Does it echoes the guests’ voices or does it have its own ?

The following artists will be invited : 
Alix Marie (Paris),
Florence Devereux (London),
Jean Feline (Marrakech),
Léa Dumayet (Paris),
Lina Laraki (Marrakech)
Tais Bean (Paris)
Noureddine Ezarraf (Morocco)

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Earlier Event: September 3
Later Event: November 20
Manifesting the Unseen