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Ultimate Fantasies is a project exploring the force of desire, by London-based writer, Jennifer Boyd, and designer, Ruta Dumciute.

What happens when desire is permanently inhabited, rather than a quick gesture of quashed longing towards a thing or person or life that you want? For example, Kembla Pfahler's transformation of her rented apartment in East Village, in which she covered all objects, walls and furniture in the same cosy, innard-red paint.

Ultimate Fantasies is an attempt to evade the binary embedded in sexuality, in a malicious joy against what might be expected, in a new language of text and material. This project understands the force of desire as a non-normative notion of total commitment, taking influence from uncompromising figures such as Kembla Pfahler, Grace jones and Nina Hagen.

This residency begins with a series of short texts about the collaborators' ultimate fantasies. The process of writing these vignettes is an attempt to evolve beyond the canon of languages, materials and cultures of desire that currently exist. The ways in which these words could interact with materials will then be explored inside the residency room. Through this 'touching practice' of their different disciplines - writing and sound, sculpture and space - the residency at Guest Projects will become the final aphrodisiac. 

Collaborators and events will be announced in the coming months. It is anticipated that these will include immersive night-time openings, music and text sharing groups, the launch of a SHELL LIKE solo listening event, film screenings programmed in-partnership, and collaboration with artists working with movement and music.

Jennifer Boyd is a writer and co-curator of SHELL LIKE listening events, who has been published in SALT. and After Us, and recently released 'A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text' with music label, COUNTRY MUSIC. Ruta Dumiciute is a designer working within and outside the boundaries of interiors, who's projects include 'Post-gender Salon', and the collaborations 'Abandoned Laundrette' at Blafrom Tower for the London Festival of Architecture, and 'Packing Room' a recent installation from the London Design Festival. Their collaboration arose through shared interests including the history of underground clubbing and the putrefaction of dominant expectations.

Earlier Event: May 2
Later Event: July 16