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Touch Sensitive

Tuesday 21st - Sunday 26th March 2017

Touch Sensitive is a series of individual art events, exploring representations of “female” bodies by dismantling the body as a category or “whole” and creating open channels for discourse. The body can be imagined as a database, a store accessible in various ways. Each iteration in the series is an entry into this vast, every increasing database through the concept of touch.

Touch is the sense of communication, it is the act of coming into contact physically, emotionally and metaphorically. It is an explorative act, much in the same way the female body can be explored, exploited, commodified, fetishised.

Through a series of art events developed by the curator and artists, the body is to be explored as a network of relations, without stop or centre. The first space we occupy to the fullest is our body, a space of which we should be able to claim agency. What meaning do we attach to it? How does it function socially, politically, sexually IRL and online?

Curated by Cairo Clarke

Artists: Lotte Andersen, Diana Chire, Harriet Middleton-Baker, Hannah Perry, Suzannah Pettigrew and Nikola Vasakova (Girls in Film)



Tues 21st 6pm - 9pm

Hannah Perry collaborates with female dance collective in an immersive visual installation.


Weds 22nd - The Harlot’s Progress 6pm - 9pm

Harriet Middleton-Baker proposes a re-telling of Hogarth’s cautionary tale ‘The Harlot’s Progress.’ Set in the future, seeking reparations of the past. 


Thurs 23rd - The Difference Between (a Mirage and Realness) 6pm - 9pm

Suzannah Pettigrew devises a performance of three parts with video installation exploring phasing patterns between IRL and digital lives.


Fri 24th - Dance Therapy 6pm - 9pm

Lotte Andersen invites you to a workshop where she will be capturing uncensored, honest, bodily movement through a series of dance portraits to be published online. Come with your favourite song in mind and prepare to lose yourself.


Sat 25th - Hair Manifesto 11am - 6pm

A new body of work including mixed media installation and performance by Diana Chire live in the space. Join Diana from 6pm onwards for drinks and chats about the work.


Sun 26th - Embrace 11am - 6pm

Girls in Film presents a series of films exploring feelings that arise from the visual and physical experiences of the female form away from hyper sexualisation of bodies. The films are part of an installation inviting the public to sensually explore notions of private and public space.

Join us on the evening of the 26th from 6pm for drinks and a chance to talk to the group

about Touch Sensitive, as well as Touch Sensitive & artists ephemera on offer.


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