Artist in Focus: Baff Akoto

Artist in Focus: Baff Akoto

From 6th September until 18th September Guest Projects Digital is spotlighting the work of Ghanaian artist Denyse Gawu-Mensah across both the website and Guest Projects social channels as part of the 2021 programme. 

Raised in London and Accra, Baff Akoto is a conceptual artist whose practice spans VR, AR, motion graphics, performance and cinema.  His work embraces the fluidity of visual grammar and is concerned with notions of plurality, (self) perceptions and the societal implications of human bodily movement (disability, ritual, dance).   

Most recently Akoto's practice explores the artistic potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies as he interrogates how the digital revolution might avoid the same prejudices, exclusions and inequalities which arose from our industrial and colonial eras.

Still from LEAVE THE EDGES by Baff Akoto. Image courtesy of the artist.


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