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Digital Residency 2021: Steloolive

Steloolive is a Ghanaian performance artist who works and lives in Accra, Ghana. Known as a sound and Electronic Music DJ, Steloolive’s body of work consists of a mixture of experimental sound performances, fashion, art, and photography. In 2018, Steloolive worked with Dr. Katharina Fink which he further explored on his Smell of the City in a Soundscape where he presented a listening performance and a visual presentation of his smell findings installation in the city centre.

Digital Residency 2021: Djofray Makumbu

Djofray Makumbu is a British Congolese artist born and based in East London. He often works with friends and family when making his work which draws on his personal experiences and that of the people close to him. Recent works have focused on the shame and stigma of mental health difficulties, the pressures and violence of inner-city life from the perspective of young people and the joy of music and dancing. Makumbu loves to mix up different techniques combining stop motion animation, video footage, hand-drawn and painted elements in moving image sometimes presented alongside live performances such as dance or scripted scenes. Each element in the work is carefully self-made from hand-built sets and hand-stitched garments for Claymation characters set to soundtracks that are developed closely with Makumbu's brother.



Artist in Focus 2021: Ayanfe Olarinde

We're excited to introduce our first Guest Projects Digital 2021 Artist in Focus Ayanfe Olarinde, a visual artist who uses scribble art and photography to create intricately detailed and multi-layered images. Her work explores and drives conversation around self-image, identity, social reality and mental health while probing popular culture and the inefficiencies of the government in contemporary society. Drawing from imperfections in her personal, continuous journey for acceptance, Olarinde’s engagement with the scribbling technique serves as a way to interrogate emotion while also exploring fluidity in form.



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