Decorating Dissidence: Take Dada Seriously (It's Worth It?)

Decorating Dissidence: Take Dada Seriously (It's Worth It?)

Event date: June 1, 2020 - July 4, 2020 Export event

Decorating Dissidence presents ‘TAKE DADA SERIOUSLY! (it’s worth it?)’ a month-long digital project that explores the legacy of dada to question its relevance today. Through their interactive website, the group celebrated and challenged 100 years of International Dada through the lens of craft, making and performance. Collaborating artists included Jade Montserrat, Hannah Skinner, Sara Kelly and Bettina Fung.

There is much to critique in Dada’s approaches too - not least the appropriation of African and indigenous art, lack of gender parity and approaches to sexuality. The group uses this platform as a way to challenge art history and open up a global perspective on the movement. 

'“We aim to reclaim avant-garde techniques that can recharge us politically today, whilst being mindful of its failures.”


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