_inventory Platform: Where I'm Coming From

_inventory Platform: Where I'm Coming From

Event date: August 3, 2020 - August 30, 2020 Export event

Where I’m Coming From was a month-long digital residency dedicated to four languages that are present and spoken by a significant portion of the migrant community actively working and contributing to the British economy and yet highly invisible: Filipino, Taiwanese, Yoruba and Berber languages. By reaching out to their respective communities based in the UK, the project aimed to generate a space to recognise cultures and traditions, as well as challenging debates on the exclusivity of language in accessing the production and consumption of arts and culture. 

Where I’m Coming From directly engages with community groups by inviting  them to lead food sessions each Sunday, allowing the general audience to learn about each cultural group’s cuisine to possibly reproduce and engage in their own homes. 

Where I’m Coming From is curated by _inventory Platform, Rhine Bernardino & Linda Rocco 

Supported by the Yinka Shonibare Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan; in partnership with Pineapple Lab.



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