Event date: May 24, 2019 - June 1, 2019 Export event

Monday 27th May

5pm - 9pm 

AltMFA dinner

Thursday 30th May

6pm - 9pm

Opening of 'Plosives'

AltMFA embark on their annual Guest Projects residency, turning the room into a working studio and project space for a week. With a processual approach, the group will create multiple ways in which notions of time impact on the construction and deconstruction of objects, languages and embodied relations around the title of the show 'Plosives'.

Join AltMFA on Monday 27th May for our weekly gathering, this time in the form of a social dinner. On Thursday 30th at the end of our week at Guest Projects, we invite the public for an event around our artworks-in-progress exhibition.

Plosives, Definition: A plosive consonant is an abrupt sound made by closing the mouth then releasing a burst of breath. The plosive consonants in English are B, P, T and D; their effect, especially when used repeatedly is to create a verbal reflection of events, items or emotions which have a harsh feel, for example anger, a car crash or a gun. They are effective when used in poetry due to the increased intensity of focussed language.


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