Djofray Makumbu


Djofray Makumbu is a British Congolese artist born and based in East London. He often works with friends and family when making his work which draws on his personal experiences and that of the people close to him. Recent works have focused on the shame and stigma of mental health difficulties, the pressures and violence of inner-city life from the perspective of young people and the joy of music and dancing. Makumbu loves to mix up different techniques combining stop motion animation, video footage, hand-drawn and painted elements in moving image sometimes presented alongside live performances such as dance or scripted scenes. Each element in the work is carefully self-made from hand-built sets and hand-stitched garments for Claymation characters set to soundtracks that are developed closely with Makumbu's brother.


In 2020, Djofray won a Goldsmiths Exhibitions Hub commission, in partnership with the London Community Video Archive, to make Hello Mr Officer, a moving image work that sees young Black men from across London share their experiences of being harassed by the police. The work uses stop motion, watercolour and rotoscope alongside archive material from The People’s Account (1987) by Ceddo Film Collective held in the LCVA archive. The work is due to be exhibited in Summer 2021. Recent solo shows include Brixton Library, London in 2019.


Djofray graduated from the BA Fine Art programme at Goldsmiths University in 2018 and was awarded the Alumno/SPACE Studio Bursary as a result of his degree show exhibition.

In the Studio with Djofray Makumbu

In this specially commissioned film Djofray Makumbu traces his journey as an artist. He reflects on the challenges he faced in education as a result of his dyslexia and looking forward to the new projects he’s been developing as part of his residency.



The global pandemic of 2020 proved to be a time for reflection and evaluation for many of us and Djofray Makumbu used the responded to the siesmic changes around him with this animation. 'I wanted to record the most important moments of my life and celebrate the people who had made a big difference to who I am’.

The work remains untitled as it may continue to evolve serving as a living archive of Djofray’s life. The soundtrack to the piece was created by his brother.

Studio Gallery

These photos were taken in Djofray's studio located at Studio Voltaire in London. They depict a combination of old and new work alongside trials and experiements developed during his Guest Projects Digital residency.

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