Steloolive is a Ghanaian performance artist who works and lives in Accra, Ghana. Known as a sound and Electronic Music DJ, Steloolive’s body of work consists of a mixture of experimental sound performances, fashion, art, and photography. In 2018, Steloolive worked with Dr. Katharina Fink which he further explored on his Smell of the City in a Soundscape where he presented a listening performance and a visual presentation of his smell findings installation in the city centre.

Oracle Afronaut

Oracle Afronaut is the ambitious new work that will be realised by Steloolive during his Guest Projects Digital Residency. The development of the expansive piece, a dynamic convergence of sculpture, installation, performance and community engagement will be documented across the Guest Projects website and social media channels. 

The project draws inspiration from the true story of ‘Afronaut’, founder of the Zambian Space Programme and arguably one of the earliest Afrofuturist, Edward Mukuka Nkoloso. The programme will culminate in a performance by Steloolive live-streamed from his 5-foot purpose-built interactive space rocket. Taking advantage of our increasing propensity to connect digitally, it will act as a global invitation for exploration of the cosmos using the imagination of the audience as its limitless vehicle and joining the dots between Ghana and the rest of the digitally tethered world. Unless otherwise credited all Oracle Afronaut project filming and photography has been completed by Fibi Afloe.

Build Progress

The meticulous construction of Oracle Afronaut will be documented throughout the residency. Built from sheet metal in collaboration with local craftsmen, its rusty texture will mirror that of its ‘space base’, the Nima settlement in Accra, Ghana. The transformation of the substrate, used for construction in the area yet often associated with decay and dilapidation, is intended to inspire new possibilities and reconnect the predominantly Muslim and marginalised community inhabiting this locale with the material in a positive way.


The residents will be amongst the first people invited inside the rocket where they will be encouraged to share their imagined perceptions of space. The resulting audio will be digitally accessible worldwide and will form the outline of a new audio piece by Steloolive. These photos show highlights from the first week of the build, for more updates check the Guest Projects Instagram stories.

Field Recordings

The second phase of the Oracle Afronaut project consists of gathering field recordings. Steloolive ventured into the community residing in the arts centre of Accra and asked its inhabitants what their imagined perceptions of space were. The resulting audio will eventually be digitally accessible worldwide and will form the outline of a new sound piece by Steloolive.

A Live Performance of Oracle Afronaut

These photographs capture highlights from the live procession and performance of the launch of the Oracle Afronaut space rocket. Steloolive navigated the streets of Accra beginning his journey in Osu and culminating in the predominantly Muslim township of Nima where the local community were invited to engage with the work.


Name of roccket: JW3NI

Vehicle No: GPDAR 1112721

All photos taken by Francis Kokoroko.

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